Why is there such a big fuss over fracking?

Are environmentalist just trying to stir up controversy over fracking for natural gas to raise money for environmental organizations? Karen Moreau, who heads the New York State Petroleum Council, believes that environmentalists have stirred up fracking controversy as a fundraising tool.

According, to Katherine Nadeau, of the Environmental Advocates for New York, that the organization has attracted more members and has raised more money in recent years because of fracking.

“It’s part of a movement to enrich the environmental groups,” she says, “Because through hysteria, and creating an environment of fear, it certainly does cause people to support the mission of some of these groups.”

Environmentalists disagree with this assertion. Nadeau said, “That’s preposterous…[Our members] are incredibly concerned about the harmful effects of fracking that have happened all over the country.”

On Wednesday, the American Petroleum Institute hosted a public forum in Albany, which represented more than 400 oil and gas producers. The attendees included geologists, engineers, and landowners from the Southern Tier and Central New York.

Many states, including Pennsylvania, allow a High Volume of Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF), New York has a temporary moratorium on the practice. Many environmental groups have called for a permanent ban. They cite numerous concerns, including the potential impacts of HVHF on air and water quality, as well as human health.

Source:Innovation Trail

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