Shale Energy – 10 things you should know

Energy from shale is produced by fracking shale rock formations. Fracking, formally known as hydraulic fracturing, is the process that releases natural gas, which is also referred to as Shale energy. The process is simple, clean, and economic – 10 things you should know about Shale energy, listed below:

1 Hydraulic fracturing will account for nearly 70 percent of natural gas development in the future – With out fracking, we could lose up to 45% of our domestic natural gas production and 17 percent of our oil production within 5 years.

2 The economic impacts of developing shale gas resources are revolutionary – In 2010, shale gas development supported 600,000 jobs, and the number of jobs continues to increase.

3 Robust state and federal regulations for hydraulic fracturing already exist – Every aspect of fracking is regulated by a comprehensive list of state, local and federal laws.

4 Industry has standards and practices for continuous improvement (American National Standards Institute)

5 Careful well construction keeps groundwater safe – Wells are  multiple layers made-up of steel casing and cementing to effectively protect groundwater.

6 The contents of fracturing fluids (which are mainly water) are disclosed (

7 Water is managed effectively and fluids are handled to prevent spills – A number of protective measures are put in place to prevent spills.

8 Wastes from production activities are managed responsibly – Fracturing fluid is recovered and recycled for re-use in future fracturing operations.

9 Hydraulic fracturing does not cause earthquakes – Seismologists and geologists have not been able to prove that the activity that occurs during the hydraulic fracturing process causes earthquakes.

10 Air emissions from production activities are carefully monitored, managed and reported – Natural gas is considered a low burning few because of the low emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide.

Source: API Report

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